Use Finasteride Generic to Treat Hair Loss

Androgenic alopecia is a genetic hair loss condition.  This form of hair loss has a pattern as to how it both starts and ends, thus the reason why it has been referred to as male pattern baldness.  Although male pattern baldness normally occurs in males, the condition also appears on females but with a different manifestation.  Regardless of how it occurs in females, the condition is purely genetic and can be passed on to offspring.  If you unluckily have inherited the genetic condition, using finasteride generic can help you treat your hair fall condition.  Finasteride generic works in stopping your hair fall by lowering the levels of the hormone that causes the hair fall in the first place.

Dihydrotestosterone is the hormone responsible for the thinning of hair follicles until they can no longer support hair growth.  Although the thinning occurs very slowly, it eventually leads to the death of a hair follicle.  What finasteride generic does is that it lowers the levels of dihydrotestosterone by preventing the enzyme 5-alpha reductase in converting your testosterone hormone into dihydrotestosterone.  This method of action of finasteride generic is very effective as it treats one of the key conditions that leads to baldness – the hormone factor.

Age, genes, and hormones are the three factors that leads to baldness.  Finasteride generic solves the hormone factor as it acts more of like a hormonal treatment.  By inhibiting dihydrotestosterone production, finasteride generic is able to effectively prevent the progression of hair loss by those who have the genetic trait of androgenic alopecia.  In fact, there is no better treatment for hair loss than finasteride generic as most other treatments only slows down the progression of hair loss and not really prevent or stop it from occurring.  This is the very reason why most men who are interested in stopping their hair loss issue turn to finasteride generic as this is the only real treatment capable of stopping hair loss.

Keep in mind that finasteride is a hormonal treatment, which means you need to continue on using finasteride generic for it works its treatment.  If you stop using finasteride generic, even if you have stopped your hair fall issue for years due to the drug’s effective treatment power, your hair fall issue will continue and you will once again be on the process of becoming bald.  Hormones are continually produced and the only way to stop dihydrotestosterone from being produced is to use finasteride generic continuously.

If you have inherited the genetic trait of hair loss and would like to use finasteride generic as your treatment, you can buy finasteride generic from specialty stores or you can choose to buy your finasteride generic hair loss treatment online.  These days, most men who use finasteride generic buy their finasteride generic online because it is very easy finding shops that sell finasteride generic.  Aside from this, the price per pill of finasteride generic is much lower than what you will normally find being sold on physical stores which means you will get great savings if you buy finasteride generic online.