Fitness Trends for 2015

Combination group exercise classes that aim for efficiency and maximum benefits, yet are still simple seem to be the trend in fitness programming, according to Trendwatch 2015, a report by IDEA, The Health & Fitness Source, to determine fitness trends for the year. The report is based on the responses of leading program directors in the U.S. and Canada about the growth, decline and stability of various fitness programs and activities.

Yoga and group strength training were the two fastest growing fitness programs noted in the report, followed by flexibility/stretching classes, Pilates-based classes, abdominal workouts, martial arts-based classes and classes that cater to special populations such as children, seniors or families. Other fitness programs on the rise were mind body classes, outdoor group activities, group personal training, stability ball-based classes, sport-specific workouts, indoor cycling, circuit training and lifestyle/wellness programs. Another trend reported by the respondents were the growing number of classes that cater to inactive youths and older adults (IDEA, The Health & Fitness Source, June, 2015).