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Furosemide 40 mg – The Diuretic Drug of Choice by Many

Under normal circumstances, our body is very efficient in both the absorption of essential vitamins and minerals as well as in the proper removal of waste and other inessential elements that we put inside our body.  In fact, our body has its own maintenance system that we even have a system (lymphatic) that takes care of the draining of excess fluids secreted by the circulatory system over the dermal layers of the skin.  Of course, if something should go wrong with some of our body’s important mechanism, problem arises.

When the lymphatic system becomes dysfunctional or that there is too much secreted fluids with which the drainage system of the body is unable to cope up with, the body then ends up with edema or fluid buildup.  If this happens, not only does the body feel much heavier, but the bloating of the fluid may end up dislodging some of the important connections between the layers surrounding the fluid buildup.  To remedy this issue, the use of diuretic drugs, such as furosemide 40 mg, will help in draining out the unnecessary fluid from the body. Continue reading “Furosemide 40 mg – The Diuretic Drug of Choice by Many” »

Treat Severe Edema Conditions with IV Lasix

Edema is the basic medical term for swelling that is a result form injury to the body or inflammation.  Edema can either be:

Local or localized edema – isolated only to a small area of the body, or
General or generalized edema – affecting a large part of the body.

The main reason why edema occurs is when small blood vessels leak fluid into adjacent and nearby tissues.  If the fluid being leaked is much more than is being drained by the lymphatic system, an accumulation of fluids begins which then makes the part begin to swell.  Edema is actually a normal response mechanism of the body such as during injury.  While this is beneficial in most cases, on others though it is not as the increased fluid collection can cause substance imbalance in the blood.  The treatment for edema is through the use of a drug called Lasix.  Lasix comes in either tablet form or IV (intravenous) form or IV Lasix.  IV Lasix can also be used for IM (intramuscular) purposes.

If you have fluid accumulation in your body, whether local or general, your doctor will likely prescribe you to take Lasix for its treatment.  If your condition however is a bit more serious, normally, you will be treated clinically at first using IV Lasix.  IV Lasix is used for serious edema issues because the administering is more of on a direct approach as the drug is essentially introduced to the body through the blood stream. This is the very reason why IV Lasix is used for more serious cases. Continue reading “Treat Severe Edema Conditions with IV Lasix” »